Thursday, May 5, 2011

More about "Our Choice"

I am a huge fan of TED Talks! Matas stated that Push Pop Press engineers are building a tool to make it easy for publishers to create similar "apps." Let's hope it's one that educators can use too!  Learn more about Mike Matas at:

Join the conversation at TED... what is this "ebook" missing? What do you want in this future book?


  1. Al Gore's views on the future of the book:
    Q: Will this change the writing and the reading experience? Is this the future of books?
    A: This is an evolutionary process that will find it's own pace. My personal view is that it is going to happen fairly quickly. The advantages of an app are immediately obvious to many people who interact with it. But just as movies need a script and scripts need scriptwriters, apps that are rich in content will still be derived in one way or another from books. At some point, though, it will reach an inflection point where people begin to think about in the first instance of how the app is going to take form.

  2. Charlene, this is really great! I like the notion that at some place in this tech journey we will reach an "inflection point" of creating with the App in mind...