Saturday, October 13, 2012

The move to digital textbooks still a long way off

Oct. 1, 2012: Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching, by Robert Nillson
In this blog post, digital textbooks are included in Enterasys Networks' survey of "new styles" of teaching. Infrastructure is cited as a major factor in supporting digital learning.

Of those not currently using digital textbooks, 37% are planning to use within 3-12 months, while 43%  indicated no plans to move to digital textbooks. What needs to be done so that all students have access to digital textbooks?

Quoted from:
Migration to new styles of teaching and the digital classroom is speeding up at the K-12 level, but could be held back by the lack of a capable network infrastructure. Enterasys Networks conducted a survey to better understand how rapidly K-12 schools are adopting digital textbooks, video content, the flipped classroom, online assessment, social media, and customizing student access to the Internet. The results of the 255 responses are presented in a new Infographic. 
The survey found that more than half of K-12 schools are using digital text books or plan to use them within 12 months. In fact, about 38% of schools plan to use only digital text books within 5 years. However, only 26% of schools have a network infrastructure that can easily accommodate this move. Similarly, less than half of schools say their network infrastructure is adequate to handle the demands of video content in the classroom.
Infographic authored by Enterasys Networks. To view the original post, see the original K-12 Survey Infographic.