Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A new America through broadband

Here is an article by Blair Levin and J. Erik Garr who both recently left the FCC after nearly a year of leadership developing the National Broadband Plan. Essentially it's a look into their take on the Future of the Book.  -- Prof. Harry

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Future of the Book is Now!

Be a part of innovation in the making!
At the Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) Summer Institute 2010 in Orlando, a team of educators presented our ideas on how we think the future of the book should be connected, adaptable, flexible and customized. Join us and share your ideas about how we can begin to prepare our students and our schools as books, and textbooks specifically, begin to change over the next few years (and decades).
Join us on this blog, as we share information and links to interesting articles, and suggest book apps for and about education. Imagine the Future of the Book with us. For once, we are ahead of the curve. Together we can influence authors, publishers, school districts and government alike.
The Future of the Book is now! The iPad and iPod touch devices are being adopted at schools and universities this fall at an amazingly fast rate. It is we ADEs who will be the early adopters and who, through trial and discovery, will help develop the best practices for the Future of the Book.

Future of the Book Team, Apple Distinguished Educators: 
Robert Anderson, Jill Burdo, Charlene Chausis, Chris Penny, Bill Rankin, and Harry St.Ours.