Sunday, March 18, 2012

The conversation continues... Beyond the Textbook

Several ed-tech bloggers have been sharing news of an upcoming "Beyond the Textbook Forum" that is being hosted by Discovery Education this week. A search of the #beyondthetextbook hashtag in twitter will reveal the conversations that are occurring, such as those prompted from Angela Maier's blog post:
I want to invite you to participate virtually and share your ideas with the team  as it relates to the future of textbooks or the future of reference materials.
Here are some questions to consider posting or tweeting about at using the #BeyondtheTextbook Hashtag
  • What materials are you currently using?
  • Are they adequate and representative of the knowledge and expereince you want to enagage your students in?
  • What are your thoughts about open source courseware and materials?
  • Where is your number one place to turn, when you seek information that is beyond the scope of your textbook and curriculum materials? 
Join the conversation!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Textbooks of Tomorrow: Infographic

Infographics are great for summarizing information ... they're just a bit long on the page.

Textbooks of Tomorrow

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Future of the Book ... Chapter 2

So many developments in a year's time! Are we moving in the right direction? What are some important components to consider for future textbooks?

Please add your voice to this conversation: 

Hall Davidson (from Discovery Education) presented a session at the Feb. 2012 TCEA conference titled "Take a Page from the Perfect Digital Textbook." You can view/download his presentation slides at

If you have more specific ideas, enter your thoughts on Hall Davidson's open Google spreadsheet: