Friday, April 8, 2011

The Conversation Continues....

Abilene Christian University hosted the Connected Summit 2011 in February. Steve Wozniak, Karen Cator and Adrian Sannier were featured keynote speakers. The sessions from the summit have been posted to ACU's iTunes U channel, and are now available for your viewing pleasure!

Be sure to tune into Track 3: The Future of Books, facilitated by Bill Rankin, Ph.D., Director of Educational Innovation, Abilene Christian University.

Presentations include: "Moving from Digital Books (PDFs) to eTextbooks: What a True eTextbook Should Look Like," "iPad or iFad: The Reality of a Paperless Classroom," "Chapter 0: How 20 Freshmen Created Their Own Electronic Text" and "Building for the Next Information Age: Envisioning the Future of Books"... just to name a few.

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