Tuesday, September 14, 2010

iPad Goes to College this Fall

An exerpt from Chris Foresman, ArsTechnica
"[Oklahoma State U]niversity has already identified one class where the textbook in ePub format costs $100 less than the dead-tree version. With a typical class load of five courses, it could be possible to completely offset the cost of a device like an iPad in textbook savings alone. (At least, this is true if you're comparing the iPad against a stack of brand new textbooks; the savings may disappear if used books are brought into the comparison.)

"The Illinois Institute of Technology has even more ambitious plans to integrate iPads into academics. A technology initiative will give all incoming freshman undergraduates -- about 550 students -- an iPad to use as a technological enhancement to the curriculum. Because all freshman are required to take several introductory courses, such as 'Introduction to the Professions,' software, e-texts, and other resources will be uniform for those courses." -- Posted by Prof. Harry

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